Technical details

The building is located on a 2,473sqm (26,620sqft) lot, consisting of 1,848sqm (18,891sqft) grounds and parking lot (building footprint included) and 895sqm (9,633sqft) of private road. The road is open to the public, but not under servitude, and is perfectly usable, albeit non-constructible for being in a flood hazard zone; construction and/or use of river docking requires a permit from VNF. The road is maintained by the council. The property is situated on the banks of the river Oise.

Electricity and water mains have been newly constructed in 2011.The building is equipped with a high yield (HR+) LPG boiler, installed in 2013. A 1500kg/cap underground tank provides 3-4 months of heating and hot water. The ground floor offices have radiators; the apartment has underfloor heating everywhere. All plumbing is in maintenance free reinforced polyethylene (installed in 2011), the electric installation is monophasic and was installed in 2008. The maximum capacity of the building is 24 phone lines, with two currently active with Free (running at approximately 16Mbit). Fiber optic cabling is installed and is currently being made available in the area.