Ground floor
Entrance to interior garden 880×800, entry hall 625×800 with monumental staircase. A closed hallway (990×115) leads to: a boiler room (300×335), an office 250×335, two interconnected offices 730×325, an office 370×455, an office 325×495, an office 245×325, a bathroom 165×335, and an archives/storage room 800×335. Another boiler room (225×335, empty) exists on the ground floor, but it is currently only accessible from the outside.

All ceilings of the offices are at 250cm height.

Studio Sapique

Second floor

The staircase leads to a landing with a semi-open office (490×500). The south side hallway (1000×140) gives access to: 3 rooms (365×325, 245×325, and 365×325) all facing east; a room 620×325 and another 365×325, both facing west; and a multifunctional space (the former laboratory) measuring 1060×800, which features a balcony (130×800) and a metal helicoidal staircase. North side: the apartment features a hallway (1120×140), opening to a bedroom/dressing 245×325, another bedroom/dressing 245×325, and a state/dining room 615×325, all facing east. Facing west are: a toilet 220×100, a bathroom 160×325 with double walk-in shower 200×90, a fully equipped kitchen 365×325, and the master bedroom 365×325. Finally a large living room 435×800 facing north, with balcony (60×800).

All rooms have high ceilings at 300cm.

Studio Sapique Click on each floor plan for a larger version.

Studio Sapique

Studio Sapique